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Ed Bargy Advanced Motorcycle Riding School & Motorcycle Road Racing School

"The Real Racing School"



call (404) 683 6071 or  Email 


"Ed Bargy School" teaches the up to date road racing techniques and the time tested techniques that

the Pros use to be competitive.  This is a high performance motorcycle riding  school.  

These skills are also useful for trackday riding. Formal and structured classroom sessions,

with lots of chalk talk, followed by live track sessions with true "Expert" instructors/coaches.  

No Hype, No Jargon or Mysticism.  Just simple techniques that actually work.

This is the most affordable High Performance school on the market.


  • The Ed Bargy School is hosted by the most experienced teacher and coach in the country (5 decades) 
  • This is the most comprehensive and advanced riding technique school on the market
  • This is only truly comprehensive, high performance motorcycle riding - racing school in the Southeast & it's affordable
  • All Ed Bargy trackside instructors and coaches are "Expert" ranked road racers, who have actually won numerous races and championships  
  • You don't have to be an experienced track rider to take this school
  • If you have already taken your local promoters' or race clubs' "novice" school then, this is your next step
  • Learn proper motorcycle racing and trackday techniques
  • Learn the ALL proper techniques that actually work plus the "True Science" behind them
  • Learn everything you need from "Basic and Alternative Race Lines", "Body Position" to "Trail Braking" and everything in-between
  • Learn proper techniques for track days
  • Learn techniques that help you get the best performance out of your bike without crashing
  • Ed Bargy School is recognized for race certification by WERA, AHRMACCS & FMRRA & CMRA and others
  • Obtain your racing license certification for WERA, AHRMA, CCS, FMRRA MCRA + others
  • All students receive a copy of Ed's text book "Introduction to Motorcycle Roadracing"
  • Ed Bargy has put more racers on the podium than several other schools combined.
  • Several Ed Bargy "How to Books" available from


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