Ed Bargy Advanced Motorcycle Riding & Motorcycle Road Racing School

"The Real Racing School"



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    The Ed Bargy Advanced Riding/Racing and Trackday Technique School


    This is one of the most comprehensive and oldest advanced riding technique schools in the country (over 50 years of teaching).  Ed's experience dates back to 1968.  Ed has put more graduates on the podium than several other schools put together. Learn clear easy to understand techniques that actually work.  No myths or jargon just good straight forward information.  These techniques are true "HOW TO" techniques.

    Ed Bargy Advanced Riding School  is not just some "Johnny Come Lately" school with some expert sitting with you under an easy up on pit road all day or two guys standing in front of the classroom rambling on and it's not some retired pro trying to cash in on a big name. The Ed Bargy School is a "real school" with  "real instructors".  The school has formal classroom sessions with time proven, structured and organized curriculum followed by live track sessions with "true expert" trackside instructors. 

    The topics covered are also good solid riding techniques for trackday riding. Whether you are racing or just sport riding, riding fast on pavement is riding fast on pavement. The Ed Bargy motorcycle riding school breaks and debunks many of the common myths about motorcycle riding.

    The amount of material covered is equivalent to about a 4 credit hour and 14 week college course.


    Some of the topics covered are

    • Basic race lines
    • Alternative & advanced race lines
    • Proper overall gearing
    • Proper shifting techniques
    • How to prevent "False Neturals"
    • How not to crash from a false netural
    • Selecting the proper gear for the turns
    • Throttle control
    • Proper and effective body position and the true science behind it
    • Increasing entry speed
    • What to look for and why to walk the track
    • Proper steering techniques (hint not "counter steering")
    • Crash avoidance
    • Handlebar feedback and how to interpret it
    • Analyzing your cornering
    • Aggressive braking
    • Trail braking
    • Visual reference points, how and why to use them
    • All the racing protocals the race sanctioning bodies want you to know

    Typical school day;

    • check-in at 07:00AM
    • 07:15AM tech inspection
    • 08:00AM first meeting with instructors and students on hot pit road
    • 08:15AM first live track session
    • refeashments and snack provided in classroom
    • pens and paper provided
    • "Introduction to Motorcycle Roadracing" provided
    • "Mock" race at end of day

    Year round classes at

    • Jennings GP FL,
    • Roebling Road Raceway GA,
    • National Corvette Raceway KY and
    • Talladega GPR  AL.


    Christmas, anniversaryanavirsery, Chanukah


    Birthday gift certificates are available

    call (404) 683 6071



David N.B.   Great instruction.  Built confidence in my skills and abilities.  Gained a greater understanding of the intricate operation of motorcycle handling.  Better understanding of how to "read the track".

Rian M.  Great learning experience.  learned a lot of helpful tips to be able to get around the track smoother.  

Dominic P.  Had awesome time!

David M.  Good class.  Ed's a good instructor, laid back and easy to learn from.  Lots of track time.

Ananth S .   This is one of the best schools I've ever taken and I've taken a few.   Ed, you have a unique ability to explain things.  Loved the explanations about

  • gearing and ratios,
  • when you know you can go faster,
  • why do a track walk
  • etc.  

Randall H.   Ed, thanks to you I dropped 10 seconds in one day at Tally. Reference points, reference points, reference points.

Thank you.

Will be attending your school again next year.


Margie L.  Boy did I learn a lot.  Ed's style was fun but effective.  His ability to explain how to use the techniques and why was exceptional.  His understanding of & ability to explain the elemants of traction was superb