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    The Ed Bargy Racing and Trackday Technique School

    This is one of the most comprehensive and oldest advanced riding technique schools in the country (over 44 years of teaching).  Ed has put more graduates on the podium than several other schools put together. Learn clear easy to understand techniques that actually work.  No myths or jargon just good straight forward information.

    This is not just some expert sitting with you under an easy up on pit road all day or two guys standing in front of the classroom rambling on and it's not some retired pro trying to cash in on a big name.  The Ed Bargy School is a "real school" with a "real instructor".  The school has formal classroom sessions with structured and organized curriculum followed by live track sessions with "true expert trackside instructors". 

    The topics covered are also good solid riding techniques for trackday riding. Whether you are racing or just sport riding, riding fast on pavement is riding fast on pavement.   The school has evolved over several decades (more than five to be exact) and is very comprehensive.  Ed's experience dates back to 1968.  His motorcycle riding school breaks and debunks many of the common myths about motorcycle riding.

    The amountof material covered is equivalent to about a 4 credit hour and 14 week college course.

    Ed's trackside instructors are all successful expert racers with years of high performance riding experience.

    Year round classes at Jennings GP FL, Roebling Road Raceway GA, National Corvette Raceway KY and Talladega GPR  AL.


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